Improper Lane Usage

How much is an improper lane change ticket in Michigan? How will a traffic citation affect my insurance? We understand you are eager to know the answer. We know what you’re going through. Do not take it for granted. It is best to take an action quickly.

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We have effectively represented clients with traffic citation, including:

✔Caught Driving while Driver’s License is Suspended
✔Cellphone Use and Text while Driving
✔Criminal Misdemeanour Traffic Ticket
✔Driving with a Revoked License Privilege
✔Driving with an Expired Cars And Truck Insurance Coverage
✔Driving without a Valid Driver’s License
✔Failed To Signal
✔Failing to Stop for a School Bus Ticket
✔Failure to Stop on Steady Red Signal Violation
✔Failure to Yield Violation Ticket
✔Felony Hit and Run
✔Habitual Impaired Driving
✔Illegal U-Turn Violation Ticket
✔Lane Change Violation
✔Not Paying a Ticket Violation
✔Reckless Driving Accident Violation Ticket
✔Tailgating / Following Too Closely
✔Traffic Control Device Violation Ticket
✔Under the influence of Drugs while driving
✔Wrong-Way Driving on a Divided Interstate Highway

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